Programme Description

The Deutschlandstipendium supports new or advanced students of excellent academic and professional promise. A wide net is cast to include all talents and potential: good grades and an excellent academic record, the willingness to take responsibility or the successful overcoming of obstacles on the candidate's personal or educational path. The funding of 300 EUR is granted irrespective of the student's income (in addition to BAföG funding) for a period of at least 2 semesters and at most until the end of the standard study period, thus giving the students the opportunity to focus on their studies. One half of the scholarship is financed by the Federal government, the other by private donors. The selection committees of the specific higher education institutions decide upon the allocation of the scholarships.

Target Group

new or advanced students of excellent academic and professional promise

Academic Requirements

Applicants need to meet the admission requirements of a state or state-approved higher education institution in Germany and need to be either already matriculated or about to start their studies. (Students who study at a university of applied sciences for Public Administration (Verwaltungshochschule) are not eligible if they receive remunerations or other payments from public funds as public servants. Doctoral candidates and students at federal universities (Hochschulen des Bundes) cannot apply for a Deutschlandstipendium.)

Number of Scholarships

Approximately 28,100 students were awarded a Deutschlandstipendium in 2020.


at least 2 semesters, at most until the end of the standard study period

Scholarship Value

300 EUR each month

Application Papers

  • (advanced) students: can apply if they meet the requirements of the higher education institution they are enrolled at
  • The application process generally complies with the Stipendienprogramm-Gesetz (StipG).

Application Deadline

The institutions of higher education supporting the programme set the admission criteria, i.e. application deadlines, and will provide all relevant information. A list of the participating institutions is available here